About Us

Hello – My name is Gary Aronson and my wife Gayle and I are “lay” ministers (I was trained in an excellent program called Christos). We are conservative born-again Bible-believing Christians who are excited to share God’s love and His unspeakable (free eternal) gift! (2 Corinthians 9:15)

The Amazing Grace Salvation Project (AGSP) is designed to be a sharing and teaching ministry using the anonymous “No Condemnation” sermon based on Romans 8:1, accompanying printed materials, and resources to connect you to other like-minded ministries.

On our ‘home’ page, you will find the “No Condemnation” sermon in audio and text format. To access the home page from any other page on our site, click on Amazing Grace Salvation Project at the top of the page. We highly encourage you to listen to or read this vital and challenging message! (You can do both at the same time.) It may change your life!! It changed ours! We were truly blessed!

For an in depth study of the “No Condemnation” message open the Instructions link before you listen to or read sermon on Romans 8:1.

Thanks! God Bless you!

Gary and Gayle Aronson

PS: Again, please listen to or read the “No Condemnation” sermon on Romans 8:1. It may possibly change your life!! Hear why “God is not mad at you anymore” and the “What? When? and Why?” of His wonderful love!

Disclaimer: I, Gary Aronson, am solely responsible for the written and audio portions of the Amazing Grace Salvation Project. All opinions expressed in the project are completely mine and do not represent anyone else’s personal doctrinal views–they are totally my own. This includes Christos Institute and the anonymous CD speaker.

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